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Review Kung Fu Yoga a.k.a. Gong fu yu jia (2017): Intended for kids!

genre: action, adventure, comedy

Originally this was intended as a Chinese-Indian co-production. Viacom 18, the Indian production partner pulled out of the project. Perhaps they realized that this was going to be a mess and wanted no involvement in this. Who knows? I wonder if it would have made a difference though. Because from what I have seen the production values were good enough. The CGI lion did look fake but since it did provide the funniest scene in the film I can tolerate that. What I can't tolerate is a bad script, worse action choreography and Jackie dancing and singing in a Bollywoodesque musical number.

Professor Jack and co are on the hunt for a lost treasure and this adventure puts them in all kinds of predicaments all over the Eastern part of the world. The two disciplines mentioned in the title though have almost no significance. So if you were hoping for a new kind of martial art I will have to disappoint you. The combat is very generic for Jackie Chan's standards. And Yoga only briefly has a role in a scene I couldn't skip fast enough. Actually the whole first part of the film is a test of patience since it is absolutely dreadful. Once they arrive in Dubai things get a little more entertaining where little Jackie makes an appearance. A CGI lion who serves as a nice surprise in the biggest action sequence of the film. A car chase in the mean streets of Dubai. It's at this pont I realized I wasn't watching a film for adults. But one meant for kids. Most of the adventure and action is of the PG kind that only children would enjoy. I can't remember Jackie Chan ever making a film for this target group. Perhaps he thinks it is easier to make films for them. In any case judged as a film intended for kids it does the job very nicely.

However if you aren't a kid and want a little more from Jackie you will be very disappointed. Even for old school and die hard fans like me I am confused about this film. Especially when you see Jackie Chan dancing and singing like it's the most normal thing ever. Yes I am aware that he sings and that he is a good singer. But dancing and singing like this? Just kill me already. I truly hope that this is a fluke and not some misguided obsession of Jackie Chan. Although the trailer Bleeding Steel doesn't bode well. Overall this is super bad and one to avoid at all costs. 

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