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Review GoldenEye (1995): A classic in my book!

genre: action, adventure, espionage

The first James Bond film I have seen in the cinema which had made a significant impression on me. It was a much needed update on previous Bond films with a younger Bond who at least looked like he could handle himself in a fight and do the outrageous stunts the character is famous for.

Of course that is just an illusion since Pierce Brosnan relied heavily on stunt men. I had seen a making of GoldenEye and was surprised to see how little he did action wise. It doesn't really matter because just like I said it looks like he can handle himself and that's what counts. Speaking of the action. Like in most Bond films it's outrageous and exciting. It holds up quite well. It has to be since the mystery elements of the plot won't work in multiple viewings. But the plot twist the first time around is very effective and makes things a little more personal for Bond. In hindsight I wished they would done more with it to make it a little more dramatic at least. However that could have changed the tone completely and most fans probably weren't ready for it.

There are only two Bond girls in GoldenEye but that is all we need since they shine and impress throughout. Famke Janssen as the henchman Onatopp who gets all excited when crushing bones or killing people looks like she is having fun. Izabella Dorota Scorupco is the one that will make you fall in love with her since she is gorgeous and incredibly charming. But her character is also very capable and not afraid to chastize Bond for acting immature. At least what she considers immature. 

The soundtrack is great. For the most part a departure from previous soundtracks since it's more modern and contemporary yet never forgetting to implement the orchestral and classic Bond sounds. The theme song performed by Tina Turner is one of the last great and memorable ones because all the songs after this one were ranging from average to bad. 

Overall GoldenEye is a classic in my book. I must have watched this one over twenty times or so and never gotten tired of it. So this is one is very high on my list in all time favourite Bond films. 

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