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Review Survivor (2015): Brosnan is deliciously evil!

genre: thriller, crime, action

Survivor is one of those films where it's best not to think too much about since it's filled with flaws in logic and plot holes. It's not intended to give you food for thought. The sole purpose is to entertain you for an hour and a half and nothing else. Just go along with it and you will be able to enjoy it.

For the most part Survivor is quite solid. It does ask of you to accept the jumps in logic and convenience. The direction and the acting makes it easier for you to do that. Especially Pierce Brosnan stands out as he plays a villain like he has never done before. Sure he has played bad guys but most of those characters had some redeeming elements to them. The Watchmaker as he is called has none of those. He is ruthless and without compassion. The type who kills you if you look at him funny. It's pure joy to see him do his evil deeds. Too bad though his role is not as substantial as I hoped it would be. More emphasis is put on the intrigue and how Milla Jovovich copes with it. As you can expect from her she is very dependable and you will root for her right from the start. I personally would have like it to see more greyish behaviour where we aren't sure of what she is about. Then again with an already super evil Brosnan running loose it might have been overkill. So she needs to be the ultimate good hero through and through. Why else would others be very willing to help her out? It simply would not work otherwise. But there still is some kind of tension since you are expecting some of these characters to turn on her. Plus director James McTeigue makes sure to keep the pace fast and events move along quick. 

If you were hoping for twists and turns then this is the wrong film for you. This is one of those old school thrillers where one event causes an innocent person to be caught in the crossfire and then where you get to witness how this person gets out of it. Entertaining while it lasts. Nothing more nothing less. 

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