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Review Lavalantula (2015 / TV Movie): Ridiculous but epic!

genre: action, adventure, horror, science fiction, disaster

Lavalantula is a mouthful for but it sure packs a punch. It's set in the same universe as the Sharknado movies (Ian Ziering as Fin Shepard has a cameo) and the people in this world have their own incredulous monsters to deal with. Whether this is an official spin-off or not you just know what you are going to get.

While for the most part Lavalantula follows the same tone and vibe as the Sharknado films it does differ slightly from them by actually adding some serious and creepy moments. It's less silly and they actually tried to make these lava-breathing spiders terrifying. Steve Guttenberg as Colton West is a revelation. I always knew he was a fine actor but I never have seen him do action roles like this before and it seems to suit him nicely. He never could quite shake of the comedy roots even in thriller and drama's he was in. Judging from his Colton West we have missed out. The rest of the cast were adequate as well although Michael Winslow basically is playing the same character he always has which was funny at times but at points I just wished they would have let him do some major ass kicking as well. Marion Ramsey also from the Police Academy films (the shy and polite woman who could scream your head off) plays a different character and now is the woman to go for gadgets and trickery. 

The spiders look significantly better than the Sharks from Sharknado and seem to be far more intelligent and deadlier. Of course the whole lava thing is ridiculous but at least it's a far more creative spin on the creature films than what Hollywood has brought us lately. 

Knowing very well what to expect I was genuinely surprised how epic this film felt. They could have gone the exact same route as with Sharknado and it would have been swell but the extra attempt to make it better is very much appreciated. 

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