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Review Blade Trinity (2004): Blade versus Dracula???

genre: action, adventure, comic book adaptation, fantasy, super hero

Blade Trinity was a disappointment to say the least. And in general Wesley Snipes got blamed for it since he actively had sabotaged the film by being difficult. Maybe there is some truth to that however that doesn't diminish David Goyer's role and part in this whole affair. It is surprising how little can be found of what Wesley Snipes thought of the whole affair. But from what I have read and seen I will give you my thoughts on this. 

I know that Patton Oswald claims that Wesley Snipes tried to strangle Goyer which you can read about in this interview. It's not something that I would consider professional but seeing how Wesley Snipes got royally screwed regarding this film it might be understandable. The original idea for the third film was scrapped. It was supposed to be about Blade in a post apocalyptic world fighting for the the last bit of humanity that was left. But that was deemed to expensive and they opted for a cheaper solution resulting into setting up Blade against Dracula. To be honest that could have been a great idea however it doesn't make much sense. If a powerful creature like Dracula existed then why would he choose to hide in seclusion instead of roaming free in a world full of people he could feed on. Hannibal King mentions that Dracula was disgusted with the world and therefore retreated. I am sorry but he would lock himself up and starve himself willingly because of that? Come on that is just lunacy. It would be more logical for him to have been defeated and that he had no choice in the matter. You know like most of the Dracula tales. And would his descendants not inherit the same powers and abilities? Especially if he was the perfect being as stated. So in my opinion this whole concept even for the genre was quite preposterous.

More important is the fact that Wesley Snipes also attached as producer was shut out the decision making process. Besides this Goyer also actively made Blade, the main character of the franchise, less prominent. Since Snipes was obligated by contract to stay on naturally he would be defiant. Who wouldn't? Now you could argue that Goyer did this since Snipes was being so difficult that he had no choice but to give Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel more to do. However the whole story of Blade Trinity is revolved around their role as Nightstalkers and how they potentially could replace Blade. Seems like David Goyer always intended to diminish Blade's importance no matter what. He is one of the main reasons people watch the films in the first place so how is that a good idea?

Even with Snipes being defiant he is still the best the film has to offer. Think about this for a minute. Snipes clearly is not in his element but still manages to shine. None of the other characters have any impact whatsoever. Dracula is supposed to be the ultimate vampire. They keep reminding you of this fact throughout the film but this is never shown. I don't blame Dominic Purcell. He wouldn't be my first choice but the way his character was written no one would be able to make the most of it. Why is he acting like a henchman? Surely Dracula (now called Drake) would not be following orders from some low level vampires? The battle between Blade and him is a travesty as it is not exciting nor entertaining. It's a very generic fight that doesn't even last that long. It was the one element that could have made the case for David Goyer. But he dropped the ball big time. Action and spectacle wise Blade Trinity is a major downgrade. Very little attention is given to the choreography and the context to make the fights more exhilarating. Both Guillermo del Toro and Stephen Norrington understood this. But not David Goyer. If he had something interesting to add to the mythology of Blade's world then perhaps I could have seen where he was coming from. But that is just the thing. He doesn't give us anything. I wished I could say it's more of the same but it simply is not. I have watched Blade Trinity several times now or should I say tried watching without getting bored or frustrated. With each time you watch it Blade Trinity gets worse and worse. And no it's not the fault of Snipes. It's the fault of bad direction and bad writing and only David Goyer is responsible for that.

My advice is to completely ignore this part and pretend it doesn't exist. If you can get your hands on the whole trilogy  (Blu-Ray or DVD) on sale then don't buy it. Only buy the first two. Unless you are planning to use Trinity as a coaster.

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