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Review Freddy vs. Jason (2003):Two horror icons battle it out. If only those pesky teens would not get in the way all the time!

genre: horror, slasher

The battle a lot of fans had been waiting for years was finally here. What should have been one of the most epic events in horror history turned out a joke. An amusing one but joke nonetheless.

I remember seeing this for the first time and couldn't believe that more than an hour would be wasted on a bunch of whiny teens nobody cares about instead of having Freddy and Jason go all out against each other and whoever would come on their path. At least that is what I had in mind. But somehow it was decided to make this like all the generic slasher titles where teens would get killed left and right and we are supposed to root for them. I am fine with teens being killed especially if done as graphic and enjoyable as in this film. However I would have rather seen them as pesky obstacles or collateral damage while Freddy and Jason are fighting. Not as depicted in here where the fight seems like an afterthought. 

It is Freddy who unleashes Jason on Elm Street intended to become powerful again. This plan backfires since Jason takes away the kills Freddy himself wanted to execute. Naturally Freddy wouldn't be Freddy if he would tackle that issue head on. Except it takes him far too long to do it. All this time you have to go through the motions to get to the good stuff. And then when the moment was there all you are left with is a fight that was underwhelming and disappointing. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate the film and it's concept. I even found it particularly clever how they brought together two worlds. However it seemed pretty clear from the start that Jason was the favourite.  Apparently Freddy wasn't powerful enough since he had real trouble to beat Jason. To be fair, the pesky teens for whatever reason help out Jason since they are under the impression that from the both evils he is the lesser one. Think again pesky teens. Jason is just as bad and evil. Just because his origin story is more redeemable doesn't automatically make him less evil. He killed everyone on his path unless he didn't feel like wasting time and killing another victim was more urgent. If he gotten the chance he would kill every living creature. So how does this make him less evil? Freddy Krueger has a good sense of humour but that doesn't mean he was a pushover. They guy was pretty untouchable and yet here he seems to be really off his game and getting bested by Jason and the teens. Come on people! But of course the outcome of the battle is left ambiguous since declaring a winner would certainly cause an outrage. 

Watching Freddy versus Jason for a second time after all these years was far more pleasant than I imagined it would be. I managed to enjoy myself quite a lot. But I still can't overlook how disappointing the end result is. The fight between Freddy and Jason should have been more fierce, longer and more surprising. I demand a rematch. 

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