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Review V/H/S (2012): If you can get past the horrible shaky cam you will find a lot of horror goodness in this anthology!

genre: thriller, horror

For about ten or fifteen minutes or so you will get overwhelmed by the most horrendous shaky cam you probably have ever seen. I wouldn't be surprised if some of you will get nauseated by this. It's advisable to not have eaten or drunk too much because that won't end well. But if that is not enough you will have to endure the most despicable human beings on this planet. I was immensely close of giving up on this film until I got my first genuine horror treat. And it was magnificent. 

V/H/S is an anthology film consisting of supposed found footage videos. Let me tell you that I am not a huge fan of those since most of them don't really offer something that substantial. However there have been examples like Rec and The Visit that offer a lot. I am happy to report that V/H/S is one of those good ones. However like I said you will have to stomach some horrendous shaky cam and other terrible effects before you get to the good stuff. But once you do it will be very much worth it. Some segments are done so well that you genuinely will be freaked out at times. Unfortunately some segments are a little to the generic side and rely on gore more than actual build up of suspense and creepiness. To be honest that is perfectly fine since the super freaky and creepy stuff will more than make up for that.

This anthology film is heavily underrated if you ask me. People who have been giving this bad reviews probably didn't get past the first fifteen minutes. Especially the ones claiming that there is nothing creepy or scary going on. If you keep objective and calm there is so much going on. In the background and on the forefront. V/H/S is never afraid to go over the top when it's needed but never forgets to be subtle. At the same time a lot of interesting issues are depicted.  Some of the horror depicted is psychological and if you allow yourself to think about it even more terrifying than the supernatural elements.

So in short I am pleasantly surprised since I was not expecting to like this at all. But I did. And so will you if you are a true horror fan.

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