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Review Ray Donovan Season 3: Ray to the max!

genre: crime, drama

Just when you thought Ray Donovan couldn't surprise you anymore they take it to the next level. Super thrilling and intense scenes interchanged with such a sense of humour that it almost feels like a black comedy. And yet no matter how ridiculous events get or how crazy the characters act you still find yourself rooting for most of them. Ray Donovan was never afraid to touch very sensitive subjects but while most shows just dip into them this show goes knee deep and revels in it. It's cathartic and very therapeutic. The most fun is from the fact that almost all of the characters in this show can be immense likable but at times also are incredibly despicable. One minute you hate them and the next you love them again. Slowly but surely you learn to appreciate them and won't mind them screwing up. In many other shows that would be depressing, make no mistake Ray Donovan never spares you, but they also take the time to give you breathing space. So that you won't get completely overwhelmed. That being said some actions of especially Ray will test your tolerance and patience but just when you had enough they do something to redeem themselves.

I went through this season quite fast. There were very little boring moments. However there is one major flaw that could be seen as criticism and that is convenience. Sometimes certain events magically get resolved quite quickly while others remain unresolved and perhaps could get tedious. One example is the relationship between Ray and Abby. It is safe to say that their marriage is a very rocky one and that it defies and tests all the rules for a good one. However while I understand Abby's position I do think she is pretty immature and annoying. She can't make up her mind and always complains. I don't question that she is a good person. You can tell that deep down she is. But it would be really nice if she would act her age for once. She yells and curses but does she ever take the time to sit down and have a good talk with Ray Donovan without hostility? Every time when he tries to open up she says something offensive and he shuts down. It's not like he is oblivious to his issues and deplorable behaviour but despite that he does try. I don't feel that Abby does. Who knows maybe season 4 will surprise us. In any case I am ready and psyched.

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