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Review Baby Driver (2017):When hype clouds people's judgement!

genre: action, crime, thriller

Ever since the film was announced a lot of hype was surrounding Baby Driver. This was supposed to be the one film to reinvent the heist genre. And surely enough a lot of people went mental over this film praising it like it was the second coming of Jesus. Naturally this made me happy and couldn't wait to see it. Imagine my surprise when Baby Driver turns out to be an average action film at best with here and there some cool moments but nothing else. 

The opening sequence was far from exciting but it showed promise. To my astonishment it went downhill from there for at least an hour. Only Jamie Foxx managed to keep me interested as he plays a very scary character quite convincingly. To a smaller extent Jon Hamm and Kevin Spacey as well but they are both sleepwalking through their roles and don't bring anything to the table to flesh out their characters. I liked the kid called Baby. But apart from his special condition (Tinnitus) there was nothing extraordinary about him. They keep saying how he is a good driver but still manages to drive like a blind lunatic. Whatever. Baby is a good kid but kind of an idiot who gets in far too deep for his own good. You would think that after having been around in the criminal world you would be more careful and smarter. Anyway Baby has a thing for Debora. Which is nice since she has a thing for him as well. Why this love story was put in is beyond me. Yes I get it. She helps him to choose the right path bla bla bla. For a film that was supposed to be very unique and special it sure is a stickler for done to death clich├ęs. 

Luckily the second hour is much better and actually manages to be exciting, thrilling and stylish. But again it can't escape predictability. So events play out like you expect them to. The shoot-outs done to the rhythm of the music was a nice touch. I only wished they would have done more with the soundtrack. Weren't we promised that? I never really got psyched or pumped up like I did with the tracks on Guardians of the Galaxy for example. Actually I could name ten other titles where the soundtrack got me more pumped than this one did. So why is Baby Driver getting all hyped up? It's not original or fresh as claimed. It has a gimmick but that is about it. 

Overall Baby Driver is a disappointing affair as it is not as good as hype wants to make you believe. It has it's moments but it's far from the super exciting or memorable film we were promised. 

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