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Review Alien: Covenant (2017): Messy, confusing, ludicrous, not scary and yet it still manages to be entertaining!

genre: science fiction, adventure, horror?

Once upon a time Ridley Scott made a classic called Alien. It was a prime example of how you could do more with less. Tension and dread was build up until you were allowed to take a breather to then be terrified again. But this was a long time ago and now it seems that even the master has forgotten the basics. Or is something else going on and he is trolling us?

With this entry he has given in to what fans wanted or at least what he thinks they wanted. While the xenomorphs still are a force to be reckoned with they aren't nearly as menacing and terrifying as they once were. At times they even look cuddly and cute. Other than that Alien: Covenant is exactly what you expect and so predictable that everything becomes one giant joke. Surely Scott is playing us? I for one liked Prometheus. I found the story and it's possible ramifications compelling. Not going to lie that I did enjoy the little surprise at the end of that film. But I wanted to find out more about the engineers and the other beings in this universe. Actually I would not have minded if Scott would go in another direction entirely as long there was some coherence and connection to the Alien movies. Unfortunately we get more xenomorphs and androids suffering from pinocchio issues detracting is from getting answers to the bigger questions.

Despite it's many flaws somehow Alien: Covenant still manages to be entertaining. Maybe it was because this film is such a big contrast to Prometheus and the original Alien that you can't help but laugh at how ridiculous things have become. On the other hand there are some ideas shoved into this film that were fresh and creative. So is this worth your time? Yes, but don't expect this to be a serious affair since then you are very likely to get hurt. (BTW for the people who were wondering. Life is slightly better as Alien: Covenant. I know right?)

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