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Review Cockneys vs Zombies (2012): It does what it sets out to do which is to make you laugh and for you to have fun!

genre: comedy, horror, crime, action

Cockneys vs Zombies is yet another horror film dealing with zombies. This came out at a time when the zombie fever was at an all time high. Many good things came out and a lot of and I mean a LOT of bad ones were released. So is Cockneys vs Zombies worth your time?

That depends. If you aren't too demanding and get what it's going for then I can surely recommend it. This film is set out to make you laugh instead of scaring you. Maybe there are a few scares here and there but the zombies pretty much act out like they normally do so no real surprises there. Most likely this film will appeal to your funny bone if you dig this kind of humour. It's more like what would happen if zombies would appear in the East End of London and how the people living there would respond to it. The jokes aren't exactly super witty or clever. But the delivery and timing of those jokes do matter. There are quite some good actors in this little flick and I am more referring to the older actors like Alan Ford, Honor Blackman and Richard Briers. I guess zombies aren't too particular about their meat. But they easily steal the show in every scene they in. The younger actors do their best to match up the experienced actors but often their wit feels forced and unnatural. Especially the supposed tough babe routine done by Michelle Ryan felt a little fake. However I was willing to give it a pass since I do like her. On occasion it does become apparent that director Matthias Hoene was trying to mimic Guy Ritchie's style but he very wisely let that go since he probably realized it wouldn't have worked for him. 

Cockneys vs Zombies won't offer you anything new or creative but overall it is quite enjoyable and entertaining. Especially on those rainy days. 

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