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Review Rings (2017): Let me save you some time. Don't watch this ever!

genre: horror

Remember how once long black haired (Asian) women were creepy and scary? Well, not any more. The one in this film might bore you to death but that is about it. Trust me I really gave this a fair shot and did not have that much hope of this being good but this was something else. 

So what makes this bad? First of all, it's not scary or creepy. There is very little tension and dread. And the few jump scares are predictable and laughable. Second, they messed up the mythology surrounding Samara. Don't ask me how, just believe me that it's pathetic and illogical. Third, the whole mystery element which should have been the highlight was all over the place. For like a few minutes it had me going until it became painfully obvious where they were going. It has been many years ago that I saw a Ring movie (Asian or American) but I do recall a similar twist being used in one of them. Which is astounding. I know that it has been a while and that most viewers will be new to this franchise but come on. Is it really that much to ask for these film makers to come with something of their own and not recycle an old twist?

For what it's worth, I liked Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz as Julia. She has this Phoebe Cates thing going on and she was pleasant enough as the main character. But Johnny Galecki and Vincent D'Onofrio were lazy. They did the bare minimum and nothing else. You know at least Michael Caine and Anthony Hopkins have the decency to ham it up big time to give the audience some fun. And that ladies and gentlemen is the biggest beef I have with this film. It's not fun. I watch horror films for my enjoyment. Even the serious ones have to take you somewhere and wow you with whatever creative expressions they come up with. Rings is totally absent of any hint of creativity and as I said before it fails to put fear in you. 

So yes, let me save you some time. Don't watch this ever. You will thank me.

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