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Review Yoga Hosers (2016): Even intoxicated I hardly could laugh!

genre: comedy, horror

Yoga Hosers is the second entry in Kevin Smith's True North trilogy. The first part is Tusk which I personally enjoyed very much. However Yoga Hosers is a travesty. I read that Kevin Smith is done with making films for an audience and rather want to make films for himself. I was under the impression he was doing this apart from the few commercial outings like Cop Out. But I guess I was wrong. It's not that important. What is important that the path he has taken is wrong. I am all for making films you are passionate about and that you are done with pleasing everyone. However a big consequence of this is that you run the risk of a lot of people not liking your product. Which in itself is fine if you keep it to yourself. Only Kevin Smith found it necessary to enjoyment to torture innocents with his crap. And I for one think that is despicable. Especially when the film fails on so many levels.

Tusk might be an acquired taste and may have been one big joke on Kevin Smith's part. But if you allow to accept the craziness it is truly a horrifying film. Yoga Hosers is not even crazy. Just silly. And very tame. Probably since he made this one for kids his daughter's age (who is one of the main characters). And this ladies and gentlemen is the problem. For all the insanity to work you have to go over the top and push the envelope. This film remains too safe. Yoga Hosers does play around with sensitive topics like Neo-Nazis and Hitler. But nothing clever is done with it. Smith also makes fun of Canadians in a way so unimaginative that it gets tiring after two or three minutes or so. The funniest moments occur at the end of the film but I can tell you that these aren't worth the wait. Not once does Kevin Smith tease the brains with wit or brilliant jokes. It's obvious he never even tried. He admitted that he is not paying his actors (Harley Quinn Smith, Lily-Rose Depp, Justin Long, Haley Joel Osment and Johnny Depp) and that they gladly want to act in these movies for free. They probably all were in a silly mood and messed around in front of the camera. Obviously because for them it's fun to partake. For the viewers it won't be. Not even intoxicated. Let that sink in for a bit. Do you realize how bad and unfunny a film has to be, not even to be laughing when under the influence? Kevin Smith makes it harder and harder for me to like him and respect him. More and more he is active as film critic and more and more he is getting on my nerves since he is hardly critical and fair. But all of that I could take with a grain of salt had he still been making films of the level of Clerks, Mallrats and Dogma. Truth of the matter is that he is wasting his skills and talent and I can't figure out why.

In any case this is easily his worst and one to avoid in it's entirety. It's just a waste of your time and energy. So why bother?

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