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Review The Fate of the Furious a.k.a. Fast & Furious 8 (2017): It's fun but even for the franchise it's getting a little too ludicrous!

genre: action, adventure, racing

Since the change in direction since Fast of Furious 5 I have been enjoying this franchise immensely and was of the opinion that if they maintained the same quality I would not mind them making sequel after sequel. Now I am not entirely sure of that. Don't get me wrong I still had lots of fun but now I also got confronted with some elements that could hurt the enjoyment a little.

This part more than ever asks of you to suspend disbelief. And this time it was a tad too much since especially story wise they expect you to forgive and forget certain dramatic events like they hardly mattered. For the most part I was very willing to go with whatever The Fate of the Furious was preaching but there were some moments that I was scratching my head because of the ludicrousness of everything. Or it could be that this film is much more Christian than movies like God's Not Dead.

One other element that diminishes the viewing experience slightly is the duration of the movie and the pacing that comes with it. There simply is not enough story or characterization to keep your adrenaline pumping. The grand finale does make up for these issues but then again it would have had much more impact had the length been cut short. Or they could have tried to add more depth to motivations or plot developments to make it a little more interesting.

That all being said you will have more fun than not so it does make the perfect blockbuster film for this spring. Actually currently it is the only new blockbuster film playing. Why is that?  Anyway once again the franchise has delivered a fun but very flawed part. But I do hope that they will tone down on the craziness somewhat in future parts.

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