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Review Red (2008): Not the revenge thriller I was expecting....

genre: drama, thriller

All this time I was thinking Red was going to be a simple revenge film where we automatically would side with the man whose furry friend and loyal companion gets brutally murdered. I at least was expecting some limbs to be chopped off. Because anyone who kills an innocent animal like that deserves the ultimate punishment. Imagine my surprise that main character Avery Ludlow portrayed by Brian Cox actually manages to keep his cool and actively is looking for justice in the most decent way possible. Even when the perpetrators and their parents don't want to take responsibility for their heinous crimes. This approach to the topic was unique and very refreshing. I have to admit I was incredibly bloodthirsty and wanted our main character to go on a killing rampage but Avery has his reasons to not let himself get overwhelmed by his emotions and make rash decisions. A lesser actor would not have been able to convey the subtleties of his character and all credit has to go to Brian Cox especially since the rest of the cast and director Lucky McKee don't do much to enhance the viewing experience. I mean Tom Sizemore is a joke in this one. The minute he appears on the screen you will know what type of character he is going to be. On top of that he looks bored. I didn't realize Lucky McKee was one of the directors but now having seen some of his films it is obvious that May was a fluke. He doesn't know how to create tension or buildup suspense. This movie was begging for it. And Brian Cox did everything he could to do it on his own to achieve that. Which he managed BTW. But even then I can't help but feel that the overall experience is missing something. I will tell you what it is. It's missing a moral. In this case it is not something that can't be overlooked since at the end of the tale you will ask yourself what the point of it all was. 

So while I liked Brian Cox's performance and the refreshing way of approaching the subject it simply didn't click with me that well. Especially since the ending simply fizzles out with an ending that belongs in one of those feel good dog films. Not that I didn't appreciate it but still it felt completely misplaced. Like you could heal the wounds that are inflicted when you unexpectedly lose your best friend so easily. Only worth it for Brian Cox's performance. For everything else stay clear.

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