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Review Eloise (2017): Good luck trying to make sense of it all!

genre: horror, mystery, thriller

Eloise is a product of an inexperienced director (Robert Legato) who was in over his head. That or he was too ambitious for his own good. No matter how you look at it the end result is one giant mess. Is it a watchable giant mess though? Well, let's find out shall we.

Eloise has some good elements that work in it's favour. One of these elements is the acting. For the most part this is competent to very solid. Actors Robert Patrick, Eliza Dushku and Chace Crawford certainly give that something extra to take the events seriously. Second good thing is the abandoned insane asylum based on a real psychiatric hospital. For me personally those places speak to my imagination vividly and aren't places I want to end up in not even as visitor. Another good element is that film never explains itself. It's up to the viewer to figure out what is going on and somehow that is what keeps the mystery interesting. 

At the same time this good element is also what kills the enjoyment and satisfaction. Because the film never even bothers to give you hints or clues to solve the puzzles you are presented with. Only in one or two scenes you will be shown something that could explain some of the events. Unfortunately the film doesn't waste time to undermine itself and make the new found solutions obsolete. To add further insult director Legato doesn't know the first thing about horror film making 101. A lot of situations in the film begged for build up of suspense and atmosphere. Instead we get flooded with visual effect after another in such a fast pace that you never get time to be creeped out. Let alone be scared. 

Biggest flaw of the film however is the lack of coherency. It was like they copied and pasted standard plot devices from better horror films and stacked it on top of each other hoping that it would culminate into something wonderful. You know it might have had the writers really attempted to weave these plot elements together or at least had given is a twist at the end to have made the ridiculous events worth while. But it doesn't. The film ends rather vaguely and abruptly which brings me to another element that could ruin the enjoyment even further. The pacing. It's all over the place. Some events are rushed through like there is no tomorrow and then there are ones that make it seem they are significant only to find out they were just filler scenes. 

Overall Eloise is a film that had real potential for greatness but ends up as one you should avoid unless you catch it on the tube late at night or early in the morning. 

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