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Review Fight Back to School a.k.a. To hok wai lung (1991): Another good example of a good Stephen Chow comedy!

genre: comedy, action, crime

Stephen Chow gives slapstick a whole other meaning. Like many of his movies he provides a humour that is very visual and easy to understand. So very accessible for a large (international) audience. In Fighting back to School there are some jokes that require knowledge of the Cantonese language. But because these jokes are accompanied by some visual sketch you do get what it all is about. While Fighting Back to School is a pure comedy there is just enough action to keep those fans happy. It is a well known fact that Stephen Chow is a huge fan of Bruce Lee. He also tries to show it in many of his movies. In "Fighting back..." there are some scenes which are a obvious tribute to the Master. I couldn't discover any direct parodies on certain movies. But it is my guess that "Fightin back..." is some sort of take on teen high school movies produced in Hollywood. But who cares, it doesn't matter because Stephen Chow movies are fun. Just watch it!

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