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Review The Hollow Point (2016): A crime film that actually manages to surprise!

genre: crime, thriller

The title might not be the most creative or original and the crime genre might be one that is done to death. However director Gonzalo López-Gallego does the impossible and manages to surprise you in ways you least expect.

Naturally I can't go into these surprises but in short it comes down to him playing around with genre conventions. Overall this is a serious film but there is a tone to it that you should not take seriously. It therefore is more like a black comedy. Although that would detract from some tense and thrilling moments this film is filled with so don't expect to be laughing non stop. But it is safe to say that most of the cast had a real blast playing the quirky characters. All of them with no exception are downright flawed but because of that immensely likable. Especially Patrick Wilson and Ian McShane steal the show every scene they are in whether together or on their own. Their dynamics is one of the highlights but there are so many others that I won't spoil for you. Before I forget to mention though, do stick around even when it seems like the film has ended. There is an after credits scene that definitely is worth it.

The Hollow Point also can be seen as a modern western where the hero's fight the bad guys. Only the hero's aren't squeaky clean themselves. And I am aware that this also has been done a lot of times but I have to say that in this film it's done very satisfactorily so no criticism from me here. The obligatory love element though I could have lived without. I think they were going for a film noir like approach but fell flat since Lynn Collins (Marla) as femme fatale is completely out of her league. Still every other character in this film are quite interesting and when introduced to them you never know quite what direction the film is going. I found that to be entirely refreshing as there is not a single second in this film that is boring.

This movie was surprising but to be honest that is what I expected from the director of Open Grave also directed by Gonzalo López-Gallego. This guy knows what he is doing and can't wait to see what he has in store for us in future.

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