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Review The Accountant (2016): Stick with it till the end and you will be rewarded!

genre: crime, action, drama

Yesterday me and Mrs. P. held a movie marathon where we watched the following movies: The Accountant, Inferno, Incarnate, Pete's Dragon and Hollow Point. And overall the marathon was a success that started with The Accountant. So let me give my thoughts on it.

This was one of the titles I knew I was going to like because of it's concept. That it did not manage to capitalize on that enough is not a reason for me to dislike it or be disappointed because in a way it does redeem itself considerably. Although I can't tell you why that is because then I would be delving into spoiler territory and you don't want me to do that now would you? Especially since the trailer gives away almost all of the important plot twists and turns. Seriously, I know I should not let that get to me since it's a given they would do this nowadays but I am afraid it is something I will never get used to. Why would you spoil surprising plot elements? That completely defeats the purpose. Anyway luckily for the viewer the film still has more surprises in store that aren't foretold in the trailer. And they do make the difference. Because you see, while I was enjoying The Accountant there were times I thought it was quite generic and average. Almost like director Gavin O'Connor (Warrior) did not know how to move the plot along. At these moments the film just halted and made me regret watching this. And had I been watching this film on my own I don't think I would have taken the film seriously at all. Fortunately I was in very good company and I kept my skepticism at bay and managed to rake in the reward at the end.

One thing you have to realize is that while probably autism is not portrayed accurately it does help to view autistic people differently. It tells you that most can and do function and are perfectly able to make their own choices. They should not always be viewed as disabled or handicapped. While Rain man taught us this before it still held on old stereotypes and extreme cases. Ben Affleck portrays a highly functioning autistic person that looks and acts like every other person for the most part which to me was very refreshing. This film is not aiming to paint a good or bad picture of autistic people. It just wants to emphasize that deep down they are like you and me especially in the finale.

Now there is one element that dumbfounded me a little and one that could and should have been left out. Anna Kendrick. She was useless in this film. There was very little to no purpose of her being in this. Her presence is a mystery in it self and let me tell you that is not a good thing. Had there been moments where she and Ben had some sort of chemistry then I would have understood. But every interaction she has with him is meaningless. Maybe they wanted to show that Christian Wollf (Ben Affleck) wasn't good in socializing. But why then make him pair up with someone who is socially awkward herself? So that they could relate in some way? Wouldn't it be more prudent to let him be matched with someone who is very open, talkative, social and charming? Yes, this is me implying that Anna Kendrick is not charming. She can be but not in this one.

Anyway, deep down The Accountant never pretends to be more than a solid action film with a little twist, nothing more and nothing less. So don't go in expecting this to be some dramatic and thrilling masterpiece and you will have a pleasant viewing experience.

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