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Review Hell or High Water (2016): Don't bother, this is a lazy and pretentious crime drama with an agenda!

genre: crime, drama, western

When word arrived concerning this movie I was hyped to see this film. Because reviews were raving and praising the hell out of this film. The fact that Jeff Bridges, Chris Pine and Ben Foster were in this were reason enough for me to buy all of it. Now after having seen it I am beginning to question the sanity of those people.

Hell or High Water is supposed to paint a picture of the real America where poor farmers are trying to get by but are being targeted by evil banks and other powers that be. Naturally this appealed to me at first and yet at one point they lost me on the way. Especially at the end I found myself cursing at the screen since the film did turn out to be pointless. All this time I was saying to myself. No, this is worth it. The banter between Marcus Hamilton (Jeff Bridges) and Alberto Parker (Gil Birmingham) was hilarious. Ben Foster as Tanner Howard was great as always even if it was a repeat of pretty much all of the roles he has played so far. Surely there will be more? I kept waiting and waiting and then it ended. Wait, this was it? The film never hides it's agenda. And of course I understand the sentiment. But that does not mean I agree with the actions taken by main characters Toby and Tanner Howard. Actually in the end the film blatantly insults you by giving you a twist of sorts that makes you realize you have been taken for a fool. It is clear that the film wants you to root for the brothers Howard and maybe I would have had they no other options. But they did. So no, they won't be getting my sympathy. I normally am not that fond of the police (in general) but in this case I was on their side. The worst of this film is that there is no logic to any of the actions and events. Everything is based on pure sentiment which goes awry the minute you can't relate. Perhaps this film is meant for the people who voted for Trump although by doing so they dug their own graves so again they won't get my sympathy. When it comes to financial matters you need to use your brains and keep a clear mind. You need to make wise decisions and not opt for choices that will come to haunt you. Sherrif Marcus is right in every way but honestly when has Jeff Bridges been wrong?

With all it's pretension and very lazy storytelling director David Mackenzie has created a film, that is slow, dull, occasionally delightful and ultimately a waste of your time. Hell or High Water is devastatingly average so don't bother. 

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