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Review The Flash S03E08: Invasion / Nothing short of epic! (only very mild spoilers)

genre: action, adventure, super hero, comic book adaptation

Supergirl, The Green Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash in one episode. If that doesn't blow your mind nothing will. This is the closest a DC adaptation has come to putting many different heroes of this caliber together successfully. Not even Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice managed to do what this little episode in three parter crossover called Invasion did.

And if that alone wasn't enough they also (very conveniently I must admit) addressed some lingering plot lines from The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow. This is nothing short of brilliant since this allows the shows to carry on fresh and get our heroes back on track so that can carry on fighting evil. I wasn't a big fan of the direction The Flash was heading but seeing how it's a newer take on his Flashpoint sage I feel it is something I can embrace now since the writers actually do their best to make it have impact on all of the DC based shows. At least for that ambition alone they earn respect. I was happy to see Ray be The Atom again since say what you want about him he never gave up and that is something I admire greatly. That is what truly makes someone a hero. To stand up and fight even when you have no super powers. I only wished that these writers were allowed to work on the DC movies because they could teach those people a thing or two. It is possible to be dark, brooding and yet uplifting and optimistic. The shows have demonstrated this over and over again and they keep topping themselves. There is such a huge disconnect between the movies and the shows and it makes you wonder if the powers that be have thought it through properly. I know that the ones at Marvel have certain regrets concerning Marvel's Agent of Shields but at least they tried to make the films and the show connect and to be honest I am liking it. I am probably one of the few who was sad to see Agent Carter getting canceled since it was on it's way to be integral to the Marvel Universe had they allowed it to grow. But DC Comics or whoever is in charge from the start have made the mistake to divide the shows and the films and whether they want to admit it or not have missed out on real golden opportunities and pure epicness. Even with the typical CW soap opera style stories and cheesiness the shows do more with the comic book roots than any of the DC films have done. That is almost embarrassing if you ask me.

So if there ever was a time to join the DC universe it's now. Watch and experience bliss!

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