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Review Cold Prey III a.k.a. Fritt vilt III (2010): The worst in the franchise completely devoid of the fun factor the previous two offered.

genre: thriller, horror, slasher

Cold Prey III is the latest and the worst in the franchise. This supposed prequel had the chance to give us some background on the killer but it's so minimal. The little that they do show is hardly compelling or interesting. So while watching you keep asking yourself why they even bothered.

The first two Cold Prey weren't really that fresh or original but at least they contained all the ingredients good slashers should have. Cold Prey III feels like a copy of the original films but where the director and other people involved obviously didn't know what made them so good. All the tension and suspense is gone and what is left is the blood and gore that hardly will impress. It also doesn't help that the characters we are encouraged to root for are hardly likable. They don't have real good motivations to be there and like many of the people in films like these they are so unprepared it simply makes you cringe whenever they are faced with danger. One of the strengths in the original films was that the lead put up a fight and was a force to be reckoned with. Here none of the characters are like that. So what exactly should I be watching this for? There are no creative deaths. We don't get into the psyche of the killer which is a real missed opportunity since for a few minutes I felt actually sorry for the young kid who gets beaten up by his stepfather. Not that it's a reasonable or valid enough explanation but it did made me curious of why the stepfather hated the kid so much. Other than that he is a freak and not his own son. What made him a freak? I mean people have a nasty habit to qualify all the things they don't understand as weird or vile behaviour. Could it have been the fact that the kid liked to kill and cut open animals? They never show this. Why not? Perhaps this way they could have surprised us. But no nothing of the sort. Instead we get an explanation that is barely an explanation which you will be on to the minute we get introduced to a certain character. Again I was curious about this character and his past. And again nothing even remotely in that direction. So what are we left with? Boredom. I lost interest after 45 minutes and had to force myself to keep watching to see if the film had some surprises for us. It didn't.

If you are one of the few who liked the first two in the franchise then stay clear from this. For fans of slasher films in general also stay clear from this and watch Cold Prey and Cold Prey 2 instead. They are far superior to this. 

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