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Review Mechanic: Resurrection (2016): Looks like a low budget James Bond flick without the charm and style.

genre: action, crime, thriller

The Mechanic was a remake to an old Charles Bronson movie nobody wanted. As much as I like Jason Statham he can't be compared to Bronson. But while I can't really remember much about the remake itself I do know I found it to be enjoyable (although in hindsight this could be credited to Ben Foster) and had hoped the sequel would at least offer me a similar experience.

And sadly I have to report it didn't. Sure there are a few cool moments where you can't help but be impressed by Jason Statham who clearly is doing a lot of the stunts himself. Other than that it is your typical Statham film without that fun factor. Not that it is super bad or anything. I just could not enjoy myself enough. Most of the action is what you expect and predictable as hell which gets tedious very quick. The very minimal story is an incredible mess and only serves as an excuse to let Statham do his thing. Problem is that every actor in this film take everything far too seriously. Except may be Tommy Lee Jones. But let's be honest here. He has stopped being serious long time ago and just is in it for the money. Now nothing would have been wrong with that had the film offered real tense and thrilling scenes. Or other moments that would have put you on the edge of your seat. I kinda embraced the James Bond feel to the film where Bishop (Statham) flies around the world completing the missions (assassinations) he is forced to do. I would have loved to have seen a more tongue in cheek Statham dealing with the bad guys in tuxedo and witty one liners. Yet for some reason leaves out his usual wit and loses a lot of charm because of it. I also was hoping that Bishop would have been more bloodthirsty. But most of the time he is acting like it's a normal work day. Like he did not care as much about what was happening to him or his girlfriend played by Jessica Alba.

I really don't want to wast too many words on this film since the film is not worth that kind of attention. It's an empty and soulless action flick that makes earlier Statham films look like masterpieces. Immensely forgettable film.

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