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Review Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015): Scouts forever!

genre: horror. comedy, action

No, I have never been part of any scouting organizations. But this film kinda points out that they do teach you some good and useful tricks that could be handy in apocalyptic events like a zombie outbreak. I might have missed out. So yes, Scouts forever!

In this film the scouts are Ben (Tye Sheridan), Carter (Logan Miller) and Augie (Joey Morgan). The three of them are the best of friends. However their friendship is put to the test the night Ben and Carter decide to sneak out of camp to pursue possible pussy (Carter's words not mine in case you were wondering) at this secret party they have been invited to. And of all the nights they could have picked misfortune hits them hard since people have changed into zombies out to bite and eat everyone they can get their hands on. Carter's horniness leads both Ben and him to their first encounter with such a zombie in a strip club and if it weren't for Denise (Sarah Durmont) it would have been their last. Denise is an extremely cool and beautiful woman who stays on top of things and is a real heroine. She basically teaches the guys how to keep their heads cool and fight back. BTW I mentioned Carter's horniness. Get used to it since it is a recurring theme and providing the majority of the jokes. Some downright ridiculous and lame and some quite hilarious. These jokes are interchanged with cool and stylish moments where the scouts or Denise deal with the zombies. And while you could argue that this film is lacking in freshness and originality it for the most part is effective and quite fun. I don't know about you but to me watching people slay zombies never gets boring. Especially if it's done by the most unlikely heroes you will ever meet. It's almost endearing how the scouts view themselves as the last line of defense. The film doesn't waste a second with trivial subplots or whatever could stand in the way of the main narrative. Because of this the film moves along in a very fast pace. You actually don't get the chance to think about plot holes or flaws. And that is very good thing. 

For some reason I forgot to write a review for this film after I had watched it. I was under the impression I had. Upon discovering this I decided to watch it yet again. And I am very happy to report that the second viewing remained to be just as fun as the first one. So yes I can recommend this wholeheartedly. Just don't take it seriously. The film never does this so why should you?

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