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Review Sausage Party (2016): Fails as a satire and parody / Disappointing

genre: animation, comedy

The trailer of Sausage Party pretty much showed everything you needed to know about the animated film and it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun.  I was prepared for the worst joke wise especially knowing Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were involved as writers. But it was all for nothing. Sausage Party barely has meat and certainly is not festive.

It's obvious that this animated film is trying to parody Pixar movies with their moral lessons about friendship and whatever they are trying to preach to you. Sausage Party especially takes a jab at Toy Story. However most of the jokes are far from witty and sharp. And the little that could be seen as clever gets bogged down by the juvenile approach to dialogue and story. There is a lot of cursing in this film which is fine if it actually came out naturally and unforced. But here it's used to a degree that it simply is done to appear adult and edgy. The same can be said about the sex jokes. No attempt is made to be original. Every joke that is in the movie is predictable to a tee. I was expecting some real creativity concerning this but apparently that is too much to ask these days. All of it is superficial and not witty one bit. 

Another thing that Sausage Party is trying to tackle is religion. It's so clear what they are going for and yes I can't deny that some of the points made sense. But everything was so pushed and forced that it never struck a cord with me. Perhaps this also was done on purpose and something they tried to make fun of. Only not once did it make me laugh. It felt like they were playing it safe and never had the intention to push the issues. Why not show more of the hatred between characters Sammy and Lavash who clearly were representing Arabs and Israelis? Or do more with them that would point out the disconnect between them? It was nice to have them realize they weren't that different from each other. Only it simplified this issue so much that it completely ignores the deep rooted political complexities attached to it. 

To be fair the lack of wit did not stand in the way of me wanting to enjoy this. I was very ready to embrace the crude physical comedy. But it is here where the laziness is exposed. Pretty much every event in this films plays out as you expect it to be. And that might be enough for some. For me it's not. I want to be surprised. I don't mind being shocked. Sometimes I want or even need to be. Only Sausage Party is never that shocking or crude. I can't believe I am saying this but I expected a lot more dirty jokes. And yes I have seen the finale and it is nowhere near as offensive or funny as it could have been. 

I do have to add that the voice acting is done well. Edward Norton as Sammy (parodying Woody Allen) was spot on. Both Kristen Wigg as Brenda the bun and Salma Hayek as Theresa the taco were sexy and charming. Is this enough to keep you watching? In my case it was but I can imagine that if you aren't in the mood for it that it will feel like a waste of your time. Especially if you were expecting to laugh non stop. Sausage Party therefore is a very disappointing film for me. 

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