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Review The Guest (2014): One of the most awesome 80's style action thrillers ever made and you probably haven't even heard about it!

genre; action, mystery, thriller

A film reviewer on Youtube recommended this title and had me intrigued. Mostly for the fact that I had not heard a single thing about this film. This reviewer also mentioned Eighties soundtrack plus John Carpenter and I was sold. No, Carpenter has nothing to do with this film although he could have. It very much looks like something he could have made in the Eighties.

The story is about a mysterious stranger named David Collins who out of the blue visits this family whose son died while serving his country in the army. He claims that he was there when he died and that they were close. The grieving mother Laura Peterson (Sheila Kelley) upon seeing David in the picture together with her son invites him to stay on as a guest for a while. David seems like a warmhearted and kind person who is trying to do whatever he can to help out the family. Telling more of the plot would do the film injustice so I won't. But while the plot is hardly original or surprising it does manage to suck you in and remains to be compelling throughout. Main draw is Dan Stevens as David. You might know him from Downtown Abbey or Criminal Activities. The guy is immensely charming and sympathetic but he clearly also has a serious and intensity about him that you don't quite know what to make of him. Part of the fun is figuring out who he is and what he is about. Maika Monroe as Anna Peterson is the only one who is a little suspicious of him and that leads to some events where things shift into high gear.

I loved how this film maintains this air of mystery and that at times it seems more like those Eighties horror films. Big contribution to this is the music that is used. So very Eighties like which made me nostalgic and that for me is always a plus but also helped me immerse in the film. Apart from the soundtrack it's also the visual style that enhances the Eighties ambiance and style. The action in this film is also done well. I actually did not expect it to. But there it was and it fit the movie quite nicely.

To say more about this film would be criminal. Best advice I can give you is to watch this as soon as you can without reading about it or watching the trailer and let the viewing experience overwhelm you.

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