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Review Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004): More brainless action but fun!

genre: action, science fiction, horror

Whatever horror element was present in the original now is completely gone and it's over the top but stylish action that takes center stage. It may not sound like it but it's an improvement on the original.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse starts off where it ended in the original and events seem to have escalated for the worse. The infection of the T virus has gone above ground and there are only a few people who are truly fighting it. These people consist of Jill Valentine (played by Sienna Guillory) and Carlos Olivera (played by Oded Fehr). Two actual characters from the Resident Evil video game franchise and therefore a very welcome addition. But like the first it is Alice (Milla Jovovich) who is the main character and is even more badass now. How? Well, apparently Umbrella Corp has done something to her that basically has given her super powers. She is so skilled and strong now that she can take on Nemesis. The main villain in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. So also a familiar name in the video game franchise. It's a little strange to have a character who is not part of the videogame franchise be put up against an iconic villain like Nemesis. Especially when the two videogame characters who are tied to the Nemesis story are present as well. But that is a nitpick my side since I don't think it would have mattered much action wise. The action is bigger, better and more stylish compared to the original. Although it is the ridiculous impossible popcorn flick kind so don't expect any of it to be believable. Try to shut of your brain off and let it's craziness overwhelm you. Although I want to point out that it's nowhere near as over the top as in the later parts. So chances are if you can't enjoy this type of action then don't even bother with the rest of the franchise since it only gets wackier and wackier. 

The creatures look slightly better in this sequel. Especially the Lickers. But they still aren't as menacing as in the videogames. In general the CGI effects have improved and because of the bigger scale there seems to be more at stake for the characters. One thing to keep in mind though that while this film features some important characters of the videogame franchise this film is still very different from the games. The majority of the characters in the games are just normal people who just are trained and skilled soldiers who do the extraordinary. They are basically you and me put in a dire situation and doing what it takes to deal with it. So again it is asked of you to forget about what you know of the games and embrace this like it has nothing to do with them.

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