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Review Naked Weapon a.k.a. Chek law dak gung (2002): Ridiculous but oh so fun! What do you expect it's a Wong Jing production.

genre: action, martial arts, girls with guns

He might not have directed this film but make no mistake this is a Wong Jing film through and through. What does this entail exactly? This means that you will get a film that is a blend of many genres that won't make much sense, will be completely ridiculous but contrary to what you expect will be incredible fun.

The best to describe it that this is a girls with guns flick mixed with some HK Category III elements without the nudity. Despite some truly despicable and horrific scenes this film is quite moderate when it comes to actually showing skin and sex especially when you compare it to it's predecessor Naked Killer. Strangest thing is that while the overall tone of the film is a serious one it will make you laugh more than it will make you cringe or cry. On occasion because of shock but most of time because of the sheer insanity that will be displayed on your screen. Director Tony Ching Siu-tung knows how to deliver on action and spectacle. His resume includes working on A Better Tomorrorow II , The Killer and the Chinese Ghost Story franchise. And the action and spectacle surely are the highlights of this film. Well choreographed action infused with so much style it will make you gasp for air. None of it is believable or possible but it's so pretty that you can't but help to be overwhelmed by it. But of course this would not be a fully fledged Wong Jing vehicle if there were no beautiful women present. So you get more than you can handle featuring Maggie Q who you might know from TV Show Nikita and the Divergent film series. She takes her role very seriously even when the lines she has to say are very poorly written and the situations she is put in are super awkward. That is the kind of professionalism I truly admire. Daniel Wu also is a good sport but you can see in his eyes that the doesn't agree with the things he has to say and do. 

In the end you should not take this film seriously one bit. Just embrace the craziness and you will find yourself enjoying the film. 

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