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Review Burying the Ex (2014): Ok-ish!

genre: comedy, horror, romance

This is a movie I have been putting off many times since I kinda had a feeling it would not be that enjoyable. And this is one of the few times I hate to be right since it is exactly what I thought it would be. 

It was not like I was truly compelled to watch this all of a sudden. But this being a Sunday and all I thought why not. I am not going to lie that Anthony Yelchin's death also had much to do with it. It's always a sad thing when someone so young dies so soon and it does make you curious what he has left behind. Unfortunately Burying the Ex is one of those projects that most people would rather forget being involved in since it is devoid of what a good B movie should offer. First of all for a film that has such a crazy premise it takes their material far too serious. A movie like this only works if it is not afraid of being flamboyant and over the top. But most of the events are quite tame compared to similar themed films. Especially horror and comedy wise. The premise if you could not guess it from the title is about Max (Anthony Yelchin) and his girlfriend Evelyn (Ashley Greene) who are a happy couple at least for a while until it dawns on him that his girl Evelyn is a little crazy. On the day that he decides to break up with her she is hit by a bus and she dies on the spot. Very tragic and quite sad actually since apparently Evelyn truly had no one else than him since not many people came at her funeral. Now you would think this would be the end of it. Until she returns. It is here where I was expecting mayhem, chaos and hilarity. Instead we get to watch Max start up the relationship again like nothing happened. Evelyn seems fine except of course for the fact that she is dead and decomposing. And for the fact that Max just started dating Olivia (Alexandra Daddario) who has the most beautiful eyes. His dead ex suddenly being back in his life surely would be very inconvenient? You would think that this would lead to at least some hilarious moments. Sure there are some present but nearly not enough you would be expecting from Joe Dante. The same guy who directed Gremlins 1 and 2. Even if they wanted to downplay the comedy somewhat they should have increased the horror bit a little. And it only would have required to have Evelyn put in situations to make her seem so much more obsessive and dangerous. That could have been achieved by letting her randomly pop up wherever Max went or showing us that she was keeping an eye on him all the time. To then have that woman come back after she died would put the fear of god into anyone. It immediately would have set the right tone for everyone to be freaked out. You could have then played around with that a bit by making her super sweet and lovable. So that it would become very hard to deal with her in whatever way necessary.

The whole not dying thing does give forever love an interesting edge to the romance element but it's pointless if you neglect to make enough jokes about it. It does not seem like any of the people involved put their hearts into the project which is immediately noticeable. A shame really since this had the potential to parody zombies and zombie films in a creative way. It's ok-ish. Suitable for a rainy or quiet Sundays. 

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