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Review Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping (2016): Ride the wave with the The Style Boyz!

genre: comedy, music

Three words is all I need to describe what Popstar is about. The Lonely Island. If you know them then you know what this mockumentary has in store for you.

Like many of these types of movies certain people in the music biz are being spoofed. I mean it is obvious that they are taking jabs at Justin Bieber and similiar pop stars. So for the most part most events play out pretty predictable with some lame and crude jokes. But like with most comedies it's the timing that matters and in this it is almost perfect. Especially when at the end of the ride you are being rewarded for having sat through some truly awkward and heart wrenching moments. Best performance by a turtle ever. We love you Maximus. Ok. Let's be real here. While a few scenes are over the top the majority of the gags are subtle. You do have to know a little about current music and the business. But doesn't that go for all the spoofs? How will you understand the jokes if you aren't aware what is being made fun off? Chances are if you can't stand pop music and everything surrounding it you won't appreciate this one bit. Because while Popstar is parodying they are also paying tribute of some sorts. 

Of course this mockumentary would not be complete without cameo's. And there are more than enough to offer a few nice scenes. I really loved the ones with Justin Timberlake. They don't last that long but he sure proves that he can act. In case you thought his performance in Social Network was a fluke. Yes I went there. Timberlake can act. That does not mean I think he always has done so in the past. Before you start breaking my balls.

Is Popstar memorable? Will it make you laugh out loud non stop? NO! But it is pretty consistent in being charming and funny while it lasts. Considering how many supposed top comedies have failed this year that is all I ask for. So yes ride the wave with Connor4real and The Style Boyz. Chrichton out!

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