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Review Halloween: Resurrection (2002): If there was something good concerning this film it was killed off by Busta Rhymes!

genre: horror

Somehow this final entry in the original Halloween franchise slipped by me. Now after having seen it I am almost very grateful because what the hell is this abomination?

(Warning: Since this is one of those films you should not actually watch ever I don't feel obligated to avoid spoilers. Not that this film has any real twists or turns but so you know that I might accidentally give away something I should not. But I can assure you it will be mild ones so rest assured.)

To be honest I was aware that people weren't happy with this film at all and I was prepared for the worst. I was so ready for the so bad it becomes good moments. And while there were some nice and might say even creative ideas I would not go as far they were good or fun. How can this be you may ask? Two answers. First they dared to mock Michael Myers and second freakin Busta Rhymes. Let me start with how this film makes a mockery out of what Michael Myers is about. Say what you want about Myers but he is ruthless, relentless and very efficient. Here Myers let's himself be trapped, being shouted at and being beat up by Busta to name but a few things the original Michael Myers would not ever tolerate to this extent. How believable is it to have Busta Rhymes telling Myers to get out to which Myers actually leaves without doing anything bad to him. And what about Busta manhandling Michael Myers. Just because he loves and watches Kung Fu movies doesn't mean you become a Kung Fu master. I know that this is one of those famous jokes and that here they were trying to play around with that. Had it been a capable actor it might have worked. But Busta every line Busta utters is bad to horrible. You don't believe him one millisecond.

Like I mentioned early there were some nice ideas incorporated into this film. Had they been executed well we would have had another classic on our hands. The whole reality show on internet angle was a nice gimmick. Having a bunch of people watch these nitwit characters get killed off and not being able to do something about it directly sounds sick and twisted enough to make it intriguing and interesting. But unfortunately nothing truly clever is done with the gimmick as the viewer is not actually shown what the people actually see. (Busta lied to the characters about the audience only seeing what they see since the house is filled with hidden camera's.) This way it's not always clear whether what they see could be perceived as fake or real. The Haunted Mansion / House on the Haunted Hill angle, one of Busta's ploys to make his reality show more interesting also could have added something, had we not known that Michael Myers was already in the house. How cool would it have been to observe people investigating the house for clues or maybe even Myers himself to be then confronted with a disgruntled ghost being jealous of Michael Myers' fame. Supernatural elements in a slasher film certainly would have been fresh and a nice twist on things. 

Best bit is the opening scene featuring Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Jamie Lie apparently was tired of the franchise but was contractually obligated to be in one Halloween film more and you can tell that her enthusiasm for this was huge. Not one spark of passion is to be found in the scene and yes I know some of you might be saying that she was playing to be tired and exhausted but trust me I have seen that look before on her in some other films she did and it is one of dismay. (Jamie Lee Curtis: " Halloween: Resurrection was a joke."). This opening scene is a return to the classic Halloween as we know until the so called twist. Actually there are two twists within the opening scene. Both of them are ridiculous. Especially because of the way it ends. It was at this moment that I knew I was doomed and forced to watch this horrendous movie. Well, technically of course I could have chosen to opt out but I was so curious to find out why this film was so hated. Now I know. 

So are there any redeeming factors in this film? Yes, Bianca Kajlich. Somehow she managed to bring a sincerity to her role and made her character likable. The only one I liked actually because the others were too over the top. (Katee Sackhoff prior to Battlestar Galactica is pretty terrible.) Is Bianca enough to make you forget about the badness that is Halloween: Ressurection? Unfortunately no!

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