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Review Fast Track: No Limits (2008): Fast and infuriating! (some spoilers!)

genre: action, crime, racing

This film is filled with characters that do their hardest to make you dislike them. Just when you got used to them and were rooting for them they do one despicable act after another. And I am not talking about the criminal acts they commit because that was something I was expecting. I am more referring to the questionable actions of these characters when it comes to their (love) relations. Why would I be worrying about that? Isn't this supposed to be a Fast and Furious clone about fast cars and racing? 

Well, yes, a huge portion of the film is dedicated to that. However next to that the film also features sex, adultery and open relationships. Not something I found necessary but apparently the film makers are under the impression that sex sells. If it only was limited to the sex scenes and the women flashing their boobs like the blonde with big silicon ones. I would not have had any problems with it. (Although I want to state for the record that I don't like fake boobs. I prefer the real deal.) What bothered me was that main character Katie Reed cheats on her boyfriend with a banker (in order to appease him regarding the debt she has to pay) right after he failed to succeed winning the race that would have won them a lot of money. Her boyfriend sees her and walks away to which she turns her head. Fully aware that he has seen her. In some scenes later she is begging for him to come back but that she can't have a real relationship with him because he is a racer. Apparently racers are very unreliable. Excuse me? Weren't you the one who slept with a banker to get an extension?  It does not stop here. Miss high and mighty who bets on illegal street races to earn money suddenly is too law abiding and proud to except money from a very wealthy woman who basically wants to help out. Even scolding the guy named Mike Cassidy (Andrew. W. Walker) for bringing her this legitimate business. And I am supposed to have sympathy for her. Yeah, I don't think so. 

The wealthy but bored Nicole Devereaux needs excitement in her life and has an understanding with her super rich husband. They can sleep around with other partners but they will have to stay married to each other. Since they do love each other so. (Another thing I simply don't get and a little too convenient if you know what I mean.) Nicole played by Alexia Barlier is immensely likable but because of this becomes less so. Look I get it. They wanted to spice up things with these so called adult topics to make them stand out from films like The Fast and The Furious. But there was no need to do so. The action and the racing is done well. It's fast, slick, stylish and super fun. It would have been enough to keep the viewers satisfied. Instead we get confronted with immoral behaviour no one is waiting for. Especially since it is only there to give this film some flavour. Yeah, more like bad taste. 

Overall this is a film that manages to do bring us some nice slick racing action with a low budget but for some reason brings too much immaturity in the mix that is detracting from that action. You can't do that if the majority of the cast is unknown. They are already at a disadvantage. So if you want the appreciation of the audience then don't piss them off and keep the good guys likable. This film had the potential to become a classic and they screwed it up!

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