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Review Central Intelligence (2016): Disappointing buddy comedy!

genre: action, comedy

To be honest I was not expecting much but I kept thinking how could you go wrong Dwayne Johnson? He rarely has let me down. Until now that is. 

It's not that he is not trying. I think he tried very hard. But that is part of the problem. He should not have to. In a buddy movie it's important to have two characters who have some kind of chemistry going on. Whether that is negative or good there has to be something to make it worth your wile. But Kevin Hart and Dwayne don't have it. Maybe this could have been remedied if Kevin Hart was a good comedian and would make us laugh in other ways. Only he never manages to. I know that he is supposed to be a normal joe who did a nice thing once and because of that gets thrown into this dangerous and wild adventure. But the way he responds to this simply lacks conviction. Apart from a few funny moments here and there it becomes clear that he is the weakest link in the whole film. Although Dwayne Johnson is not entirely clear from blame. His character is also all over the place. I did like the bullying angle although I had wished they would have approached that subject a little more sensibly. As is now it's just too random and too easy. Basically they use it as motivation for Dwayne's character to act irrational all the time. At times heartbreaking and endearing. Then there are moments where it becomes ridiculous and annoying. Unfortunately these moments prevail which is why I felt so disappointed. If it weren't for the good and adequate action scenes I would have been bored out of my mind. 

I guess the ending redeems itself slightly. But enough for me to overlook for not providing enough laughs? I don't think so. Because of a few good moments and the adequate action this won't feel like an entire waste of your time. Not worth a visit to cinema though.

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