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Review The Grinder Season 1: One of the funniest shows in a while and what happens they cancel it. Unbelievable!

genre: comedy

Seriously The Grinder is one of the best shows that has come out in ages. Every episode had me laughing so hard. Isn't that what comedies are supposed to do? I don't get it. A show like 2 Broke Girls for example stopped being funny after two seasons yet that one has been renewed. What the hell is going on?  

The Grinder basically is a parody on crime / drama shows and TV Land. But even while making fun manages to show serious and interesting family dynamics. Dean Anderson (Rob Lowe) and Stewart Anderson (Fred Savage) are great as brothers. It is a real joy to see real lawyer Stewart put up with actor Dean playing a lawyer called The Grinder. Dean is convinced that having played a lawyer for years has given him some experience practicing real law. And yes sometimes he does bring an unique perspective on matters that luckily for the audience will crack you up. Of course Dean is one of the most delusional people on this Earth. But somehow most people can't see this except for Stewart. Poor Stewart has to endure a lot because of this and it often drives him mad. Also because even when being the sound of reason his own family will go against him. Despite all of this he remains pretty calm and still loves his brother very much and that is something I though was real nice. Dean is not a complete nitwit. I think he is pretty aware that life for him has stopped since being The Grinder was his life. It also very interesting to watch what he is going through to appreciate his brother Stewart. It's incredible hilarious to see father Anderson (William Devane) always siding with and backing up Dean. He is a real lawyer like his son Stewart but somehow fails to see that TV drama logic can't apply to real practice. It is implied that his mind is going because of his old age. But I am sure this would be something explored in the second season if the show would have been renewed. The Grinder is filled with these things that are so ludicrous and recognizable. And that is what makes it all so hilarious.

So I really don't get why the big public in the US did not appreciate this show assuming the low ratings are the reason this show got the boot. Maybe FOX is just stupid. I mean this is the same network who managed to cancel Forever. Take it from me that this is one of the funniest shows ever made. You owe it to yourself to catch the whole season. You will get a satisfying and finale that concludes without leaving things open.

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