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Review Goongnyeo a.k.a. Shadows in the Palace (2007): Not as compelling as it is praised to be!

genre: crime, drama, history, horror, mystery, thriller

This movie starts real strong with just the right amount of intrigue. However as key events start to make sense it becomes clear there is not much to the mystery we are presented with. People familiar to these royal court dramas can predict the outcome very early on. And since this movie was marked as a thriller I had hoped that some ingenious twist would surprise me in the end. Sadly this didn't occur and all I got was an ending that made me wonder why I wasted my time with this movie. There is no decent pay off whatsoever. My friend however loved the movie and confirmed my suspicion that this movie is mainly intended for a female audience. There were some nasty scenes of torture that showed that women could be just as cruel or even more so as men. But for some reason these scenes did seem superfluous. It could be that these scenes were put in to have a broader appeal. Also the added horror element was nice but essentially a cheap solution to what could have been a masterpiece. As it doesn't leave room to interpret matters differently. Movies like this need to have strong endings which Goongnyeo (2007) doesn't have. So ultimately this movie is just a waste of time.

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