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Rise (2007): Rise ???? More like Lie down and Sleep

genre: action, thriller, mystery, horror

Very funny to see that some reviewers think Rise is an original take on the vampire genre. There is nothing original about it. Most of the ideas used are completely ripped off from other horror movies, including the superior vampire movie The Hunger (1983) with Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie. I honestly haven't a clue what they wanted to do. Since it fails in too many departments for me to like it. First of all, this movie screams for some good action and humour. I don't care if the characters do or don't have super powers. It only would add quality if any eye candy was provided. I have seen fan made movies with better SFX than this one. I was waiting for Lucy Liu to kick some serious ass Charlie Angels style. Well, she doesn't! She uses a crossbow and that's it. And the most ridiculous thing is that the bloodsuckers she encounters who overpowered her in the first place don't put up a fight. They just wait for her to pull the trigger. Secondly, apart from some bloody scenes this movie never gets scary or thrilling. I had to drink a lot of coffee just to stay awake. It would have been nice if a story had been included to hold my interest. Or that at least some effort had been made to add something refreshing. The biggest mystery that this movie provides is the fact that pretty fine actors like Michael Chiklis, Robert Forster (who obviously discovered what crap he was in since he has one minute of screen time) and Mako got involved. The lack of substance and style which Rise desperately needs destroys any form of entertainment. Complete waste of time!

1 comment:

Dale Brown said...

I wasn't massively impressed either. Lucy Liu is the best thing in it.




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