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Review Prince (2010): Somewhere there is a great movie hidden in Prince!

genre: action, crime, bollywood

There is a lot in Prince that could have worked much better. The plot of course is pure science fiction. And this isn't a bad thing. Actually it had the potential to make Prince into a well made thriller. Only somehow the writers couldn't get past the clich├ęs you have seen over and over again in other similar movies. I have no problems with style over substance. But this movie has too much of the wrong style with no substance at all. Too much flash can ruin scenes and Prince is a good example of how not to do it. The biggest problem however I had were the badly executed action scenes. When a plot doesn't hold up there has to be something else to elevate a production. Whether it is comedy or action. (I am not mentioning drama and it should be obvious why). Since every actor took this movie way too serious there was no chance of genuine laughs whatsoever). So we are left with action. Oh my god the action. And I don't mind ridiculous stunts like the one with the motorcycle on the walking bridge. As long as it looks good. Say what you want about the stunts in James Bond movies. They were always over the top but still impressed the viewer since it looked believable. And this is not the case in any action scene of Prince. Most of it looked fake. So what is left there too enjoy. Well, there were these beautiful women. But they only can hold your interest for so long.

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