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Review Out of the Dark (1988): Move over Pennywise here's Bobo the clown!

genre: thriller, slasher, horror

Funniest quote from the movie:
"...probably gets more ass than a toilet seat."

Out of the Dark is about a serial killer dressed as a clown with (creepy looking mask) who kills of women from a phone fantasy service called Suite Nothings. All of the women involved are beautiful, sexy and very likable so that you really care about them when they get murdered. At one point you do ask yourself why the police doesn't offer them better protection but then again that would make it boring.

This film essentially is a whodunnit although not always compelling. By that I mean that most of the time the scenes that matter aren't particular scary or thrilling. But I must admit there are some elements that make up for this. Out of the Dark is very Eighties. The score, the camera work and the ambiance. And believe it or not it is one of the biggest reasons that gives this movie it's charm. Like I mentioned earlier your sympathy lies with the beautiful victims. For once you don't want them to get killed. It was nice to see how most of these women weren't your typical scream queens. Another redeeming factor is Bobo, the clown. He is not the creepiest clown there is. Yet he is very unnerving mostly because of his mask. Especially in combination with how Bobo the clown talks in the third person about himself. Then there are enough red herrings to misdirect you and make you doubt yourself even when you think you know who the killer is. Although it has to be said that no satisfying explanation is given of why Bobo killed. Last but not least Tracey Walter as the hardboiled cop. It is a very unusual role for him but strangely enough he pulls it off like he has been doing those roles all his life. 

You know this film is pretty entertaining but somehow I can't help but feel that it could have been much better. Just a little increase of tension and suspense and Bobo would have made a much bigger impact on the world. 

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