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Review Next (2007): Not as bad people say

genre: action, science fiction, thriller

Like any other movie based on concepts or novels created by Philip K. Dick there is more to the plot than you actually see on the screen. I think Philip K. has some wonderful thought provoking ideas that are really exciting. The problem is that only a few directors know how to translate his ideas on the screen. The execution done by Lee Tamahori is decent, but could have been done a lot better. The CGI effects look average but placed in the context are just right. Nick's ability seems limited at first. Later we will find out that he was holding back. A lot of things are not explained. More background on Nick's character would have been nice. Who is Peter Falk supposed to be? What is so special about Jessica Biel that Nicks' character wants to meet her? Has he already seen that they would end up in bed? And how did the FBI know of the existence of the nuclear bomb? What are the terrorists motives? Who were the terrorists? There are a lot of questions that are not answered. In the end it doesn't matter. Seeing Nick in action is interesting and entertaining enough. The twist at the end gives this movie just that extra dimension it needs. Overall Next could have been a lot better. But to be honest Next isn't bad. It just isn't special enough. At least worth one viewing!

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