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Review Black Sea (2014): Wow, did not expect this to be this good. But it is!

genre: adventure, thriller, heist

Black Sea is about a submarine captain Robinson who one day after very faithful service gets fired without any notice whatsoever. Having worked for so long for this company and set aside like he is nothing naturally impacts him greatly. Until a friend of him tells him that there is a job they can make a lot of money with.

I won't reveal the details because part of the fun is not knowing what is going to happen. Black Sea does a very good job of keeping you in the dark throughout. Even when it sometimes fall prey to your typical submarine issues seen in movies. But strangely enough it never loses strength. In fact once events really starting to get in motion you roll from one thrill to another. There is no sub plot to be found in this film. That way you feel like every second matters and it makes you invested into the film greatly because you can't be distracted. There is not that much depth to the characters but you know enough of what is needed and what they are about. Granted you won't feel connected to some characters but you aren't supposed to. Our sympathy lies with the Captain Robinson played by Jude Law. Law is excellent and he carries the film very easily. You actually believe he is this disgruntled captain with a bone to pick with the big corporations, banks and all the other powers that be. It is one of the elements that adds a lot without wasting too much dialogue on it. Everybody can relate to it in some way. Now I have to say that some characters and events are a bit over the top and outrageous if you think about it. But I would advise you against doing that. Just let the events play out and overwhelm you no matter how far fetched. At heart Black Sea is one of those old school adventures where a bunch of people were looking for treasure or something else precious and where you can't wait to see if the would pull it off and how they achieve their goal. In that aspect this film plays a lot like a heist film.

It's a real shame that this film flew under the radar. Black Sea is exactly the type of movie you want to start your weekend with. It's thrilling and a lot of fun and never disappoints. But also is not afraid to go dark and depress you. A must watch people. 

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