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Review Shut In a.k.a. Intruders (2015): Interesting premise ruined by incredibly poor execution!

genre: thriller, horror


Immediately you are intrigued and want to know why she should be left alone? What is so special about her? Thoughts of No One Lives and You're Next popped up and unfortunately Shut In does not even come close to those.

What you get instead is one of the most boring home invasion films ever. The only reason why I did not give up on this film was Beth Riesgraf as Anna (Leverage) and Rory Culkin. I like her and you could tell she did her best to make the most of her character. Rory also added that little extra to give his character some depth. It is then very sad to see that both of them are let down by poor plot and direction. The latter is what really killed this film. The poor plot could have been remedied by making good of what was promised in the poster. It felt like the director held back and did not dare to go over the top. Probably because he was misguided and thought he was making a psychological drama with some thriller elements in it. For that though this lacks the finesse and depth to buy any of serious issues that come to light. In fact if you give the psychology used in this film some thought then you will find out it is terribly wrong and illogical. It is clear that director Adam Schindler is out of his league. He only directed one short film (Killing Floor: Uncovered, 12 min.) before this one and obviously that is not enough. He does not know how to build up tension one bit. Most of the little suspense that was present is based on the promise of what our main character Anna is capable of and that gets tiring after she is not allowed to revel in the violence and craziness that ensues. And the film suffers greatly because of this.

Please don't watch this. It's a gigantic waste of your time.

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