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Review Batman vs Robin (2015): Parenting is hard!

genre: animation, super hero, action,

Damian Wayne and Bruce Wayne both are adjusting to their new situation (established in Son of Batman) and it is not going as smoothly as both have hoped. Amidst their clashes they have to deal with the Court of Owls.

What can I say about this animated film? Well, it is filled with the same amount of action as the other ones in this film series although in this one a little more time is spend on the father son relationship. But it never goes beyond the obvious. Damian might be more mature than your typical teen he still is pretty much a brat throughout. Maybe that is the direct consequence of robbing someone from his childhood but seeing how he still is so young should he not be a little more flexible and accepting of his new situation? I found this part of the story far more interesting even if it was not developed that well. The whole Court of Owls was good enough for the action but the way it concluded felt like the story was more filler than it actually amount to something substantial. Dick Grayson / Nightwing also is thrown in the mix and his role also could have added some more meat to the relationship between Bruce and Damian. He could have for example enlightened Damian about Bruce and his parenting skills. Only this never happens which is a real shame. Especially because this topic has been handled much better in Batman Beyond.

Overall it's ok for a one time watch but nothing else.

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