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Response to Google 'makes people think they are smarter than they are'

This is my response to the following article you can read underneath. I can't do it directly since the comments on this article are closed. (Previously I had it embedded but I guess the original article is removed. So click on the links instead.)

I disagree wholeheartedly with what is being said. Just because it is relatively easier to gain knowledge and information does not automatically mean you become smarter. It always has been a case of how you process the information and what you do with it. Have we become more lazy when it comes to reading and learning? Perhaps. Although if I speak for myself I haven't. My methods of attaining new knowledge might have changed. Before the internet you would consult your parents, teachers, encyclopedias and other books. Now I still seek advice and wisdom from everyone who wants to give or share it. And turn to the almighty internet for almost everything I need more information on. However I don't automatically trust the information that is given. I check, double, triple, quadruple check whether the info that is given is correct before I accept it is as truth. But don't you do that always when it comes to certain sources? Or is it because I am more critically inclined? Naturally it is the latter and I would still be doing this if the internet did not exist. The internet reminds me of how little I know. And how I still have so much to learn.

Of course there might be some poor souls who think they have become smarter because of the knowledge they have gained. But wouldn't this be the same if the same people would actually be using books? Sure it requires a little more work to search books manually and maybe google does make things a little easier by helping you find things somewhat faster. You still have to know what you are looking for and how to find that specific piece of information you want.  Google might be a very effective search program. It still is just a program that locates information related to the words and terms asked. At best it points you out to the articles and sites that match your question the best. But for which you are still required to do a lot of reading and checking.

So I am a genuinely a little puzzled why these psychologists are so quick to draw this conclusion. I myself am more interested in the question why you still have people who aren't using the internet as an infinite source of information. Believe it or not some people choose to be ignorant. They simply don't care about what happens in the world outside their own little neck of the woods. It's one thing to be ignorant because of not having information but to have it and simply ignore it, that is a whole new level of stupidity. 

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