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Red light blinking Wiko Sunset 2 (and other Smartphones) / Solution / It might not be the battery as often suggested!

So I bought this Wiko Sunset 2 yesterday and already it's led light was blinking red. The reason why I purchased this in the first place was because my Acer Liquid Z4 died on me (will get into that another time). Naturally I panicked and got angry. In case you are experiencing the same. Keep cool! ( And by that don't go putting your new battery in your freezer just yet). There is a very simple solution to this problem.

You will discover that not that much info is given on the subject for this particular phone. Not sure why that is but the very few sites and forums that do give info will have you believe the red light blinking is a battery issue. And yes maybe in some cases that might be true. But what if you just got this phone, brand new. Like only used 1 day. Surely that could not be a battery problem? 

First I plugged in the phone in the charger. Red light stopped blinking but still was red. Then I tweaked the settings a little to save up battery consumption. Since the phone indicated that the battery was 98 percent charged I decided to take a leap of faith and reboot the phone just to check if it would still turn on and function as it should. After successfully rebooting the led light was still red. I then decided to use my computer instincts and see if all of this could have been caused by a faulty app, program or perhaps even a virus. To which I decided to use Clean Master. (There might be other apps that will we able to do the same but will have to do some research on that.*) This is an app specialized in android maintenance and came installed on my phone. But I have read you can get it for free from Google Playstore. After a quick scan Clean Master told me that I had 720 MB of junk files on my phone and it told me exactly which files. It even gives you the option to uncheck some of those files in case you know for sure aren't faulty or useless at all. Well, I clicked the clean button and let the junk be removed. And guess what? Immediately the red light turned green. Problem solved!

Obviously the bloated software that comes with your android phone is a huge issue. Most bloated software are Google apps that are forced upon you and you can't remove them without causing other issues. There are ways that can remedy and avoid these issues but will go into that another time. For now Clean Master seems to be effective enough. Word of advice though. Only use it for cleaning cache and junk and do make sure if everything it marks is truly junk. Don't go installing other apps it is advising you to. No need to do at. 

Another reason why your led light might be blinking red (or any other color) is because of an app like Bluemail. Apparently Bluemail has the option (enabled automatically) to notify you of incoming email. This color can be changed to any color you prefer but you can also disable it. Which I can recommend since it will only lead to unnecessary worry and confusion. You can do this by going to your settings menu (see screenshots):

- Click on more in menu below screen in account 
- then click on notifications 
- then click on sound / vibrate / LED

Here you can disable or enable LED light, change color and sound.

The two arguments could also be related. Very likely it was the clear master app that uses the light to indicate and demand action on your part. If you know about this beforehand it will save you some trouble and panic. 

Please let me know if this was useful to you and check out my site for my other articles. Thank you in advance!

*Always approach apps with a healthy dose of paranoia and skepticism. If the program seems like too good to be true it usually is and will have some conditions attached to it. 

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