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Reviews Sisters (2015): These ones aren't doin it for themselves, not at all, not one bit. TERRIBLE!

genre: comedy

You would think that with so many comedic talents involved you could not go wrong even if they would try to. And yet they managed to mess this up big time. Sisters is without a doubt one of the worst comedies ever made.

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph, Ike Barinholtz (Morgan in The Mindy Project), Dianne Wiest, James Brolin, John Leguizamo, Rachel Dratz and so many more are in this movie and somehow they managed to fail to tickle my funny bone. Well, to be fair Rachel Dratz made one clever and hilarious joke. By far the funniest moment in the whole damn movie. What the hell went wrong with this. First off, the script is horrendous. Yes, Paula Pell, it was. Right from the start the whole story felt forced. So parents are telling their grown up daughters to clean out their rooms because they are about to sell their house. In hindsight that is almost incredibly thoughtful. But let's face it. Normal parents would not even bother telling. They would sell the house and throw away all the junk. Since they would assume that their adult children would not be attached to their old toys and stuff. I get it you needed them to be in that house. And what do these super clever ADULT daughters come up with to embrace their nostalgic fever? Let's see. An almost empty house. A house that is quite big and can hold a lot of people. A house that has a big garden and a pool. Isn't it obvious? Of course they throw a party. Now we have a bunch of whiny thirty and fourty year olds together. All of them for some unknown reason forgot how to party. I don't know what it is with these Hollywood flicks. But they seem to think that life stops being fun when you hit thirty. Oh but it gets better. How do they remedy their inability to party? You guessed it. Drugs. Suddenly the same people who were unable to shake their booties now are wiggling their ass like their is no tomorrow. Ok fine, I am down with this. Let the fun begin. Then we get exposed to some of the most bizarre situations. Unfortunately none of them were funny. Mostly annoying, tedious and incredibly unimaginative. Do I really need to go on in telling how bad this is. I think you got the idea by now yes? Problem with a film like this that is has been done before many times already. There is only so much you can do with the concept. You rarely can you shake off the clichés. Which is not that big of a deal if they made us laugh at least. Still, you do need to add some freshness in whatever way you can especially if you force us to sit through this crap for two whole hours.  Only we never get it. We are served unrelenting and incredible poor comedy every turn. Apart from the script this is also director Jason Moore's fault. He doesn't have much experience in directing and if there ever was a genre that deserves an accomplished director it's comedy. When are the big time studio bosses going to realize that good comedy is very hard to do. You can't let a film like this be directed by just anyone. Sisters is proof of his.

This film should have been named The Hangover. Since that is what you will be getting after watching this. Save your precious time. Don't watch this.

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