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Review Freaks of Nature (2015): Funny take on classic monsters!

genre: comedy, horror

Zombies, vampires and aliens into one movie? Even if you are getting tired of the genre that has to be something you simply got to watch. And you won't regret it one bit since it will be worth your while.

Freaks of Nature knows when to embrace convention and when to let go. That way at times it is clever instead of pretentious. Very subtly attention is paid to the fact how big corporations put in all kinds of chemical rubbish in your food and how the consumer are too ignorant or trustworthy about it. In a way the movie also addresses prejudices and discrimination and how easily it can escalate into wars. But if that is lost on you there are more than enough moments that will make you laugh for the sheer absurdness of it all. I mean one of the characters (Ned) decides to become a zombie because he is unwilling or unable to deal with the stress and the drama caused by his family. While this clearly is intended to be funny it is at the same time very tragic. Although it does validate the notion that ignorance is bliss. One of the funniest parts in the movie is that main character Dag turns to Ned for the solutions to the problems they are facing. Even while completely zombified Ned still is the smartest one from them all. Don't know about you but that to me is the truly scary part. You can see how Freaks of Nature plays around with how the classic monsters are perceived. There is nothing scary or mysterious about them. That still does not make them less bloodthirsty and dangerous. They have been made more normal and human and they can be just as petty like character Mr. Keller played by Keegan- Michael Key. Now do realize that a lot of the jokes about the monsters and aliens are flawed and simple and that the horror elements are limited to bloody and gory sequences. This film also has a very good cast. The younger actors are almost perfect for their roles and the older ones add their comedic talents just nicely. Pay attention to the alien / perfect being. It's not Christoph Waltz (Django Unchained, Spectre) but Werner Herzog (the German film maker who frequently worked with Klaus Kinski).

Freaks of Nature is a must watch for fans of the genre. The refreshing funny take on classic monsters is definitely worth your time. 

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