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Review Charlie & Boots (2009): An Aussie feel good comedy starring the always reliable Paul Hogan!

genre: comedy, drama

Charlie & Boots is hardly remarkable or impressive. It never aims to. It's just a simple comedy with slight touches of drama that focuses on a father and son reconnecting with each other. 

This might not sound spectacular but it is something that is recognizable and people can relate to. What does make it more interesting is the fact that the father is played by Paul Hogan. I don't know about you but I think he is one of the funniest comedians around. Even if he is not saying or doing anything he manages to make you laugh. I am not familiar with Shane Jacobson who plays Boots but he had good chemistry with Hogan. Charlie & Boots is mostly calm and laid back but it is filled with funny moments that often are subtle but incredibly hilarious if you give it some thought. One of the examples is how Boots got named like that. Neither Charlie or Boots want to explain this but when they visit some acquaintances or relatives (not entirely sure) he is called out by his real name. When you hear this you will immediately understand why Charlie wasn't happy with the original name. I won't say the name but I promise you that you will laugh. That is if you are at least thirty or older. One other big plus is the scenery. You will get to see some of the most beautiful places Australia has to offer.  

Charlie & Boots is fun little movie that makes you feel good at the end. Like I have said many times already that is something I can always appreciate in a film. BTW this film is directed and written by Dean Murphy who also did Strange Bedfellows (2004) which is similar to I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry but twenty times funnier also starring Paul Hogan. 

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