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Review Stung (2015): A film that will give you the wrong kind of buzz!

genre: horror, comedy

Naturally I was prepared for some ultimate badness. That never was an issue. But when seriousness and pretension take over I have to bail out because that makes what should have been a fun ride just tedious.

Stung with it's giant wasps could have been a creative and entertaining gem. But it seems that the film makers thought they already hit the jackpot with the way they introduce these creatures. And to be honest they did have me thinking that they were on to something. However after the compulsory terror and deaths nothing interesting is done. The wasps aren't even important since focus is put on both main characters Paul and Julia. Seriously, so much time is spent on them and their relationship that you are wondering if two separate scripts got mixed up. One of a depressing romance film and the other the cheesy creature flick most of us were hoping for. I could care less about these characters since they only detracted from the bloody killings and the mayhem. The once that are present were nice. I mean nasty and gory enough to put a smile on your face. Certainly the highlights of this film. Don't get me wrong. I truly would applaud romance if it had been done in an interesting and funny way. Sadly you can hear the violins in the background each time when the main character is complaining about the trouble he has to endure for his boss / colleague Julia to appreciate him. Had this been done with oh let's say late Leslie Nielsen (Naked Gun) and Priscilla Presley it would have been instantly hilarious. You might have guessed it, the humour is missing in Stung. With all the ridiculous things going on the one thing that is the most ridiculous is the fact that the cast and the film makers take their precious film far too seriously.   That is a big no no in a supposedly horror comedy. 

I stuck around and gave this film a fair shot of convincing me but it failed on many occasions ultimately resulting in time loss. There are no redeeming factors whatsoever so please avoid this film. Unless you really could use the sleep.

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