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Review Nothing Like the Holidays (2008): A feel good family movie that anyone can relate to!

genre: comedy, drama

Nothing Like the Holidays is about a Puerto Rican family who come together to celebrate the holidays. We get to see a little glimpse into their lives which is interesting and some of the issues most people will be able to relate to.

Maybe not everyone will have such big feasts where they dine and dance until the day is over. But for the most part I think for most people it is recognizable. Is it realistic for people to discuss all of their issues at the table? Of course not. It's a movie where they cramp in as much drama as one can to keep the audience entertained. Naturally in real life most problems would not be discussed during the holidays. More likely people would eat and drink and rather forget for a while whatever is bothering them. Although I have to say that I like these films for doing this. It almost works therapeutic. 

The cast is top notch and you really believe that the characters are related. I liked it how Debra Messing's character got accepted even if she was not Puerto Rican herself. In some other cultures people would not be. I also enjoyed the warmth and love displayed by these family members. In the short time that we know them you care for them but also curse at them when they are acting stupid. I even yelled at the screen because Edy Rodriguez was pretty stubborn and proud. Although I could understand his reason. 

Nothing Like the Holidays is exactly the kind of film I would watch in the holidays. It makes you really feel super good at the end. So it sure gets my recommendation. 

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