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Review Born to Fight a.k.a. Kerd ma lui (2004): Die Hard in a Thai village!

genre: action, martial arts

Since Ong Bak Thailand has been producing many jaw dropping action films that are on par with what Hong Kong used to offer us in it's glory days. Born to Fight is one of them.

Like those films the plot is trivial and it's the action and stunts that take center stage where you get to see one amazing stunt after another. Does it really matter then that the acting is not that good? Or that the film is a little too nationalistic for it's own good? I say no. Because despite it's flaws it achieves what is set out to do. Most action scenes are exhilarating because enough context is given to them. The villagers get a raw deal when some nasty and ruthless thugs invade their peaceful home. They get terrorized and loved ones are killed in front of their eyes. How much could you take if this would be happening to you? Very rightfully so our main character Deaw (Dan Chupong) tries to motivate and inspire these villagers to take action. And with their national anthem playing on the radio it is just the push they need to execute their anger and rage on these evil villains. One little girl in particular does this really well who has become real bloodthirsty after they killed her father.

They should not have killed her father.
Born to Fight is filled with beautifully choreographed stunts and action sequences. You will get more than the usual fights and gun play. Among the people who fight back there are some who have unique skills and they put it to good use. You have two who are very good in gymnastics. One who is a football player and another one who is good in rugby. (Granted at times it does make you wonder if some of those skills really would be that effective but who cares it looks cool.) The stunt work these people provide is creative and original and on top of all a real feast for the eyes.

Overall this is one of the better Die Hard clones where they manage to do so much with very little. It actually manages to thrill you in places where you expect it not to be good at all. So definitely one I can recommend. 

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